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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Hello, have to give credit to those who earn it, and this place does deserve it, thank's Dave for my parts and for your excellent help over the phone when placing my parts order, this review is only to the parts I order, but so far so good, I will be using their service soon, I call in and talked to Dave over the phone regarding some oem parts for my Onan generator and some not so good parts, he was good to help and offer some advice , called was placed on Monday evening, and I thaw he would ship out by Tuesday and get them by Wednesday, I guess not, cause I got them today Tuesday, great service I really glad I called them, hope to visit them next time my RV needs service. and did I mention their prices are good too."

- Angel D. Walnut Creek, CA 11/2016

"We were 2200 miles from home when we had a serious problem with our APU (auxiliary power unit). I called Tim and he got us in the next morning. They got right to work on our generator and had us up and running by the end of the day. Tim and his wife were not only friendly and understanding they allowed Rex (our cat) to hang out with us in the waiting room while the repairs were made. We are so satisfied with their work that we have decided to use them as much as possible for all our future truck and generator maintenance. Thank you so much."

- Timothy M. Orlando, FL 3/2009

"I just found Tim's Mobile Truck Repair when my "usual" mechanic took my generator to them for repair. I was immediately impressed by the knowledge and professionalism shown by Barry and the friendly service by all."

- Sally T. Palm Springs, CA 4/2009

"After experiencing the constant frustration of dealing with other mechanics who "struggle" to analyze my generator service needs, "I'm lovin' this"...thank you for all your hard work! I now can have the a/c going and blow drying at the same time. I haven't had any more issues since the repairs were completed. Thank You so much."

- Martha S. San Bernardino, CA 2/2010

"We want to thank you for all the time you took to repair our generator, especially Todd. God bless you all."

- Ted & Sandy Henry 8/2011

"We had just bought a newer used motorhome and were on our first crosscountry trip. We were experiencing generator problems from the get go. We had taken the coach to a RV dealer that was Onan certified to have it repaired. They looked at the generator and determined the generator needed to have a very expensive inverter unit replaced at a cost of around $3500.00 to start. they told us it could take up to 4 - 5 days to do the repairs. Since we were on a crosscountry vacation we didn't have that kind of time. The RV dealer was nice enough to refer us to another shop that may be able to look at it. They refereed up to Tim's Mobile Truck Repair in Colton, CA. We pulled up at quitting time and explained our dilemma. They were very willing to help us. Tim got one of his techs to look at it even though they were closing. J.R. did a through inspection and determined that all it was most likely a setting for the "quiet" time control settings. He changed the settings and we decided to stay overnight and let the generator run to see if it would shutdown and if it did they could fix it, It never shutdown. THANK YOU so much for your HONEST and professionalism. You saved us a whopping $3500.00, that just about paid for the hole trip. Did I forget to me mention - THEY DIDN'T CHARGE US ANYTHING."

- Michael L. Aberdeen MD 5/2007

"I have a small Generac generator and took it to a RV shop in Upland, CA as I was told they were authorized to do repairs on this type of unit. They took it apart but couldn't fix it and charged me $250.00 anyway. I picked up my "box" of parts and proceeded to find another RV shop that said they could repair it. They worked on it a said that the rotor and stator was bad and that the parts were obsolete so it couldn't be repaired. Again I collected up my box of parts at a cost of $325.00 and now was faced with replacing the generator. I then contacted a company that no longer repaired generators but only sold parts and they told us the only place to take the generator to be repaired was Tim's Mobile Truck Repair in Colton, CA because if they can't fix it can't be repaired. I decided to give it a try, what did I have to loose because (did I mention I was from Boulder, CO) so I went their and they confirmed "if we can't fix it, it can't be fixed" They did the repairs needed and load tested the generator. I drove to their shop in my Vette from Boulder, CO to pick up the generator. I installed the genset and it works better than it ever has. Thank you so much."

- Vince K. Boulder, CO 3/2009

"Nice people, knowledgeable and quick! I will return next time I need some work done!"

- Charles at Yahoo.com

"I'm the owner of Tunnel Vision Pipeline Cleaning and video inspection, we have closed circuit television trucks for televising pipelines. I purchased a brand new Onan 7000 watt EFI generator that we could not make run and nobody could tell me how to fix it at Onan customer support. The local Onan Dealer wanted to keep the truck for at least 3 days to diagnose it. I was referred to Tim's Mobile Truck repair and in one day they diagnosed the generator, pulled it out of the truck and repaired it and put it back in, mind you this generator has less than one hour on it at this time. They were nice, understanding, caring clean and honestly probably one of the best finds I found this year. Thank you Tim's Mobile Truck repair, Tim, Todd and Dave, you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much see you guys for all my maintenance for now on!."

- Don A. Apple Valley, CA 12/10/2014